Classes are currently held at: 




Trinity College, Sports Centre

Level 1: Every Thursday, 19:00 – 20:00 

Level 2: check with Ivan for the Level 2 schedule


Clonmel OG, GAA Grounds, Clonmel

Weekend seminars

For more info please contact Dr Ivan Kolev

Types of classes and training you can choose from:

Business classes

We can offer your Company a tailor-made classes. Group or Individual. In the office or outside in Nature. Depends only on your wish. Our mission is to promote health and longevity through Tai Chi Chuan. Let us know what are your goals and together based on our experience and your wishes we can make a project that suits your needs best.

Private lessons

If you prefer to work one to one and you want to get the maximum of your time, you can book a private lessons with our Instructors.

Group training

Train, relax, fave fun and meet new people we can offer you the opportunity to train in a group. It is a great feeling to perform Tai Chi Chuan together with a group of people. You can feel how the universe principles of balance work not only in you but between you and the others as well.


During the year we organise the following types of Seminars:

* seminars to introduce Tai Chi Chuan to people who don’t know what it is and want to try;

* seminars for those who have been practicing in our groups but they want to learn more;

specialised seminars for hospitals (doctors and medical staff), rehabilitation centers, nursing homes. Those seminars are focused on explaining how Tai chi works for patients recovering and improving certain conditions, from a medical point of view and for training medical specialists how to apply it in their practice. 

Team buildings

You can include Tai Chi in your team-building programs. As part of those programs, Tai Chi is an exercise that can teach people how to trust each other more, how to communicate and understand each other in a better way, how to recognize stress, how to control it and how to deal with conflict situations. Tai Chi teaches how to achieve and maintain a level of relaxation and serenity that will allow you to be more productive and positive in your work while being flexible and relaxed – both mentally and physically.

For more information and details, your are welcome to Contact us.